Women figures in the Quran

This is just a list of the figures mentioned in the Quran.

I hope to explain the characters and story of each figure later when I have more time.

Mary is the only women figure mentioned by name in the Quran.

  1. Adam’s wife
  2. Mary
  3. Moses’ Mother
  4. Moses’ sister
  5. Moses’ wife and her sisters
  6. Pharoh’s wife (Mose’s Adopting mother)
  7. Imran’s wife
  8. Zechariah’s wife
  9. Abraham’s wife
  10. Abraham’s second wife
  11. Noah’s wife
  12. Lot’s wife
  13. The Queen of Sheba
  14. Wife of Abu Lahab
  15. The woman who complained to God about her husband.
  16. The wife of the governor who tried to seduce Joseph. and her friends
  17. Muhammed’s wives

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