Pilgrimage “Hajj” in the Quran

2:126, 2:158, 2:189, 2:196-203, 3:96-97, 5:2, 9:2-5, 22:27-
29, 22:32-33, 22:36-38, 95:1-3

2:125 And it was so, that We have made the shrine to be a model for the people and a security. And you shall take, from the station of Abram, a place of communion. And We made a pledge to Abram and Ishmael: “You shall purify My shrine for those who visit, and those who are devoted, and the kneeling, the prostrating.”
2:126 And it was so, that Abram said: “My Lord, make this a land of peace, and provide for its inhabitants of the fruits for whoever believes in God and the Last Day.” He said: “As for he who rejects, I will let him enjoy for a while, then I will force him to the retribution of the Fire. What a miserable destiny!”
2:127 And it was so, that Abram was raising the foundations for the shrine, and Ishmael: “Our Lord accept this from us, You are the Hearer, the Knowledgeable.”
2:157 For those there will be communions from their Lord and a mercy, they are the guided ones.
2:158 The stone and the rock outcropping are amongst the symbols of God. So whoever makes Pilgrimage to the shrine, or is merely visiting, commits no error should he traverse them. And whoever donates in goodness, then God is Thankful, Knowledgeable.
2:159 Surely those who conceal what We have sent down to them of the clarities and the guidance, after We had made it clear for the people in the Book; these will be cursed by God and be cursed by those who curse.
2:188 And do not consume your money between you unjustly by bribing the decision makers so that you may consume a part of the money of other people sinfully while you know!
2:189 They ask you regarding the crescents, say: “They provide a timing mechanism for the people and the Pilgrimage.” And piety is not that you would enter a home from its back, but piety is whoever is righteous and comes to the homes from their main doors. And be aware of God that you may succeed.
2:190 And fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not aggress, God does not love the aggressors.
2:194 The sacred month shall be met in the sacred month, and the prohibitions shall be impartial. Whoever attacks you, then you shall attack him the same as he attacked you; and be aware of God, and know that God is with the righteous.
2:195 And spend in the cause of God, but do not throw your resources to disaster. And do good, for God loves those who do good.
2:196 And conclude the Pilgrimage and the visit for God. But, if you are prevented, then provide what offering is affordable; and do not shave your heads until the offering reaches its destination. Whoever of you is ill or has an ailment to his head, then he may redeem by fasting or giving a charity or a rite. When you are secure, then whoever enjoys the visit until the Pilgrimage, then he shall provide what offering is affordable; but for he who cannot find anything, then the fast of three days during the Pilgrimage and seven when he returns; this will make a complete ten—this is for those whose family is not present at the Sacred Temple. And be aware of God, and know that God is severe in retribution.
2:197 The Pilgrimage is in the appointed months; so whoever decides to perform the Pilgrimage in them, then there shall be no sexual approach, nor wickedness, nor baseless argument in the Pilgrimage. And any good that you do, God is aware of it; and bring provisions for yourselves, though the best provision is righteousness; and be aware of Me O you who possess intelligence.
2:198 There is no sin upon you to seek goodness from your Lord. So when you disperse from the elevated place, then remember God at the symbol which is sacred, and remember Him as He has guided you; for you were straying before that.
2:199 Then you shall disperse from where the people dispersed, and seek the forgiveness of God; God is surely Forgiving, Merciful.
2:200 When you have completed your rites, then remember God as you remember your fathers or even greater. From among the people is he who says: “Our Lord, give us from this world!” But in the Hereafter he has no part.
2:201 And some of them say: “Our Lord, give us good in this world, and good in the Hereafter, and spare us from the retribution of the Fire.”
2:202 These will have a share for what they have earned; and God is swift in reckoning.
2:203 And remember God during a few number of days. Whoever hurries to two days, there is no sin upon him; and whoever delays, there is no sin upon him if he is being righteous. And be aware of God, and know that it is to Him that you will be gathered.
2:204 And from among the people are those whose words you admire in this worldly life, but God is witness as to what is in his heart, for he is the worst in opposition.
2:205 And if he gains power, he seeks to corrupt the earth and destroy its crops, and the lineage. God does not love corruption.
2:206 And if he is told: “Be aware of God,” his pride leads him to more sin. Hell shall be sufficient for him; what a miserable abode!
3:95 Say: “God bears truth. Follow the creed of Abraham, monotheism, and he was not of the polytheists.”
3:96 The first shrine established for the people is the one in Bakk’a, blessed, and a guidance for the worlds.
3:97 In it are clear signs: the station of Abraham. And whoever enters it will have sanctuary. And God is owed from the people to make Pilgrimage to the shrine, whoever can make a path to it. And whoever rejects, then God has no need of the worlds.
3:98 Say: “O people of the Book, why do you reject the revelations of God, while God is witness over what you do?”
3:99 Say: “O people of the Book, why do you repel from the path of God those who believe? You wish to twist it while you are witnesses. And God is not unaware of what you do.”
5:1 O you who believe, honor your contracts. Always permissible for you are the designated livestock, except that which is being recited to you. You shall not make permissible the hunting of game while you are under restriction. God decrees as He pleases.
5:2 O you who believe, do not violate the symbols of God, nor the sacred month, nor the offerings, nor the regulations, nor the safety of the sacred shrine; for they are seeking a bounty from their Lord and a blessing. And when it is permitted for you, then you may hunt. And let not the hatred of another people; because they had barred you from the Sacred Temple; make you aggress. And help each other in piety and righteousness, and do not help each other in sin and transgression. And be aware of God, for the retribution of God is severe.
5:3 Forbidden for you is that which is already dead, and blood, and the meat of pig, and what was sacrificed with to other than God. And that which has been strangled, and that which has been bludgeoned, and that which has fallen from a height, and that which has been gored, and that which a wild animal has savaged—unless it was slaughtered while it still lived—and what has been slaughtered on altars, and what you divide through arrows of chance. This is all vile. Today the rejecters have given up from your system, so do not be concerned by them, but be concerned by Me. Today I have perfected your system for you, and completed My blessings upon you, and I have approved submission as the system for you. So, whoever is forced by severe hunger and not seeking sin, then God is Forgiving, Merciful.
9:1 A revocation is made by God and His messenger to those with whom you have made a pledge from among the polytheists.
9:2 “Therefore, roam the land for four months and know that you will not escape God, and that God will humiliate the rejecters.”
9:3 And a proclamation from God and His messenger to the people, on the day of the greater Pilgrimage: “That God and His messenger are innocent from the polytheists.” If you repent, then it is better for you, and if you turn away, then know that you will not escape God. And give news to those who have rejected of a painful retribution.
9:4 Except for those with whom you had made a pledge from among the polytheists if they did not reduce anything from it nor did they support anyone against you; you shall continue the pledge with them until its expiry. God loves the righteous.
9:5 So when the sacred months have passed, then you may kill the polytheists wherever you find them, and take them, and surround them, and stand against them at every point. If they repent, and they hold the communion, and they contribute towards purification, then you shall leave them alone. God is Forgiving, Merciful.
9:6 And if any of the polytheists seeks your protection, then you may protect him so that he may hear the words of God, then let him reach his sanctity. This is because they are a people who do not know.
22:25 Surely, those who have rejected and repel from the path of God, and from the Sacred Temple that We have made for the people—for the one devoted therein and the one who visits it—and whoever inclines to evil action in it, We will let them taste a painful retribution.
22:26 And We have directed Abraham to the location of the shrine: “Do not set up anyone with Me, and purify My shrine for those who visit, and those who are standing, and the kneeling, the prostrating.”
22:27 And call out to the people with the Pilgrimage, they will come to you walking and on every transport, they will come from every deep enclosure.
22:28 So that they may witness benefits for themselves, and mention the name of God in the appointed days over what He has provided for them of the designated livestock. So eat from it and feed the needy and the poor.
22:29 Then let them complete their duties and fulfill their vows, and let them traverse at the ancient shrine.
22:30 Thus, and whoever honors the prohibitions of God, then it is better for him with his Lord. And always permissible for you are the livestock; except what is being recited to you; so avoid the foulness of idols and avoid saying false statements.
22:31 Monotheists to God, not setting up anything with Him. And whoever sets up partners with God, then it is as if he has fallen from the sky and the birds snatch him or the wind takes him to a place far off.
22:32 Thus, and whoever honors the symbols of God, then it is from the piety of the hearts.
22:33 In them are benefits to an appointed time, then their place is to the ancient shrine.
22:34 And for every nation We have established rites that they may mention the name of God over what He has provided for them of the designated livestock. Your god is One god; submit to Him and give good tidings to those who obey.22:35 Those who, when God is mentioned, their hearts reverence, and they are patient to what befalls them, and they hold the communion, and from what We provide them they spend.
22:35 Those who, when God is mentioned, their hearts reverence, and they are patient to what befalls them, and they hold the communion, and from what We provide them they spend.
22:36 And the plump livestock, We have made them for you to be among the symbols of God; you will have benefit in them. So remember the name of God upon them in succession; then, once their sides have become still, you may eat from them and feed with them the poor and the needy. It was thus that We have commissioned them for you, that you may be thankful.
22:37 Neither their meat nor their blood reaches God, but what reaches Him is the righteousness from you. It was thus that He has commissioned them for you, so that you may magnify God for what He has guided you to, and give news to the good doers.
22:38 God defends those who believe. God does not love any betrayer, rejecter.
95:1 By the fig and the olive.
95:2 And the mount of ages.
95:3 And this land of peace.

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