Day 23 / 2021

26:69 And recite to them the news of Abraham.
26:70 When he said to his father and his people “What do you worship?”
26:71 They said “We worship statues; thus we stay devoted to them.”
26:72 He said “Do they hear you when you call to them?”
26:73 “Or do they benefit you or harm you?”
26:74 They said “No, but we found our fathers doing the same.”
26:75 He said “Do you see that which you have been worshipping.”
26:76 “You and your fathers of old.”
26:77 “They are enemies to me, except for the Lord of the worlds.”
26:78 “The One who has created me, He will guide me.”
26:79 “And He is the One who feeds me and gives me to drink.”
26:80 “And if I am sick, He is the One who cures me.”
26:81 “And the One who will make me die and then bring me to life.”
26:82 “And the One whom I hope will forgive my mistakes on the Day of Judgment.”
26:83 “My Lord, grant me judgment and join me with the good doers.”
26:84 “And give me a tongue that is true for those who will follow.”
26:85 “And make me of the inheritors of gardens of bliss.”
26:86 “And forgive my father, for he was of those misguided.”
26:87 “And do not disgrace me on the Day when they are resurrected.”
26:88 “The Day when no money or sons can help.”
26:89 “Except for he who comes to God with a pure heart.”

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