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I am not a preacher. I think better than I speak. I feel better than I think. Aren’t words just combinations of letters we use in our effort to communicate our thoughts and feelings? And words we know are limited, unlike our thoughts and feelings. In my case, my words are more limited than anyone reading this as I found myself in this land by the grace and blessing of God. So please excuse my words.

I wanted to share some things I found out about God in my life today. I had no plan or preparation to do this. While drinking my tea this Saturday morning, I was thinking about the previous thing I posted about God, and some thoughts came to me. Perhaps, it helps someone today:

– God is not passive. He is actively involved in our lives. He is the Merciful. He is the Almighty. He gives to those who open their hands and ask. He supports those who ask for his support. On the other hand, He is the Just. He does not give away things to those who don’t ask. This is of His justice. He wouldn’t be just if He did the opposite. He is the Wise, He knows whatever we reveal and conceal. He knows if we are really mindful of Him; He knows what’s in our hearts.

– God is in our hearts. God is with us all the time. Don’t look for him in crowds. Don’t search Him in buildings. Whether you acknowledge Him or not, He is with you. He knows you and your life. He is waiting for you to cry your heart out and say a prayer. Or have just some thoughts or wishes and send them to Him. The form of this communication doesn’t matter as long as it is done with respect and reverence. Once you do it, He responds.

– God knows the future, He knows what is coming. We do not. Sometimes, we pray and He responds in different ways, it may take time, it may not happen, because what we ask for will not result in the best outcome for us and also the individuals in that situation. He is the All-knowing, the Wise, the Just, and the Merciful.

– If you don’t acknowledge God, or break up with Him, He will not turn his back to you. He will expose you to different things. He will keep doing it until the end of your life. He will send you reminders, give you opportunities. He will not enforce anything, He will let you decide it, for God gave mankind freewill and is not an oppressor. You will see people coming your way, little things here and there will make you think… When you feel ready, take your time: look around, research, read, talk to people, travel, meet people. Most importantly: ask questions. Why. Why. Why. And more why. That’s the only way to find the Truth. When you start to do it, more will come your way, and then you will find Him where He is: in your heart.

Response of a Christian friend: There is a beautiful consistency in this writing. It’s very soothing and comforting. Sometimes weariness seems to put a gap between God and me. Then I receive a miracle that can only be from Him. This journey of pain has made it harder for me to find Him at times. The quieter I get. When I take time to be very still. That’s when He is closest to me. I know I am still His Child. Though in these long years of pain, I still struggle with whether He still loves me.

Response: I read your comment on my post, and wanted to share my thoughts with you. First of all, I cannot imagine how much pain you are in, and how awful it is — even though my wife has similar health situations. I just know it is terrible. May God heal you.

What you mentioned in your comment is related to “the Problem of Evil” : Why are we going thru all these things in life? if God is so good why the evil or bad things happen? Different school of thoughts and religions have tried to answer this question. I spent quite some time to find the answer to this myself… I certainly don’t have all the answers, and may differ from what you heard so far, however I hope this helps and encourages you:

1) This life is temporary, and there is an Afterlife. The earthly life is very short. Afterlife is eternal. A grain of sand vs oceans. Therefore from God’s point of view, what happens in this earthly life would be insignificant. So, what we go thru in this life really does not define how much God loves us. What we receive in the eternal Afterlife defines if God Almighty is pleased with us, cares for, or loves us. God certainly tells us He loves and cares about those who acknowledge and love Him thru his scriptures.

2) There is happiness, enjoyment, pleasure as well as pain, hurt, calamities in this life. This is the design of this life. God does not and will not change this design. He set the rules when He moved the man outside of the paradise. He stretched the rules out in the past to turn things around when people completely went astray. He sent messengers with clear signs and great miracles. So, each of us faces and will continue to face different hardships in this life. No matter what, bad things will happen to us. This does not mean we are not good enough for God. Or he does not love us. It is just how the nature of this life is.

3) God designed this life this way, and does not change the rules, because He wants us to manifest our faith by our actions during good and bad times. You can see this in the Book of Job as well. The righteous and faithful person perseveres and gets closer to God in such time of calamity. People with opposite view of God will abandon Him. Eg: A person may say he loves God but when calamities strikes him, he denies him. Another person goes deep in his connection to God when calamity happens. God is the Just, so these two people will not receive the same things in the Afterlife, otherwise He wouldn’t be just. So each of us needs to go thru this process. It is a verification of faith.

4) why do some people have good life and some bad life? Again, having a very good/pleasant/comfortable earthly life may be bad for them, if it leads them to have a bad eternal life / afterlife. Hell vs heaven. Having good life, money, health require a person to do more to manifest their faith. Opposite will require less. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to gain eternal life.

I usually see people (mostly clergymen) claim that God will do everything and anything for them if they believe or live in a certain way. For me, that’s certainly not logical, and what you receive here in the earthly life may have nothing to do whether you are doing right or wrong things, or whether God loves or cares about you, or not. Such claims cause people to get upset when things don’t go as they are told, think less of themselves, get away from God, question his existence, and sometimes deny Him.

God certainly helps, supports, and make things work. He also heals and fixes things but it will be according to the rules of his system. Also, he may not do it either if it will be bad for someone. In addition, he does it according to His time plan, not ours. We are to be patient and stay strong in our faith.

So, please don’t think God does not love you or abandoned you , or you are not good enough, because of your ongoing health problems. I know it is a terrible situation, and God for sure knows it. I always tell my wife the same. God always knows the best for us and he always has a plan. The real reward is the eternal life. We all will get all the answers after this life ends. Until then, I personally try to get closer to Him everyday, no matter what happens. He is always in my heart. I hope this gives you some encouragement and positivity. My wife and I are always here for you if you need help or want to talk.

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